Focus of the work in the Section Organic Farming and Cropping Systems (2:23 min.)

Transformative view of research

The focus of our work is the sustainable optimisation of farming systems. For over 40 years, it has been our goal at FÖL to develop practicable solutions with positive, sustainable effects for humans, animals and the environment. In doing so, we work according to a transformative understanding of research: we see it as our responsibility to work on future social tasks in the field of agriculture.

Our view of farming systems is system-oriented: The focus is on the farm and the development of resilient agroecosystems. We take into account the diverse social interdependencies and the responsibility to produce healthy food within the planetary boundaries and to contribute to a rural area worth living in.

Our field of work ranges from fundamental research to the development of implementable solutions. Our research is predominantly plant-based and we cooperate with other disciplines, guided by the question of how productivity in plant production can be increased while at the same time improving ecosystem services by harnessing biological processes.

We develop questions together with practitioners, often conduct transdisciplinary research, actively engage in transfer and networking with practitioners and society, and make our research results as accessible as possible.

For cooperation on research projects, please contact us. We will be pleased to engage in productive collaboration.

The 2022 Project and Trial Guide (german) is available!

The project and experiment guide (german) documents the activities of the experimental facilities of the Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel: Frankenhausen as a business farm with integrated experimentation, the Eichenberg site and the experimental and demonstration facility for irrigation and solar technology Am Sande in Witzenhausen.