Practice-Impact (2008-2010)

Development of a manual for the evaluation of applied research for organic agriculture

Short title: Practice-impact

Main aim of the project is the elaboration of a manual for the evaluation of applied, practice-related and trans-disciplinary research for organic agriculture. It will be based on the critical analysis of existing schemes for the evaluation of research from the perspective of research for organic farming and referred to completed research projects. The practice impact will be the key point of the project, how this criterion can be defined and applied within the evaluation of projects with specific focus on the relevance for and the recognition of scientific results by practictioners and  their contribution to the development of organic farming systems.


October 2008 - April 2011

Participants in FÖL

  • Thomas Lindenthal
  • Birge Wolf
  • Jürgen Heß


BMEL (Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture)

BÖLN (Federal Program for Organic Farming and Other Forms of Sustainable Land Management)