Hints for video conferences

This page contains automatically translated content.

Videoconferences are not equivalent to a face-to-face meeting. We recommend the following tips for a successful event:

1. Technology

  • Audio: Does the microphone work on my computer/ laptop/ smartphone? Adjusting/switching off the volume. No feedback with a second device in the room.
  • Camera: Does the camera work on my computer/laptop/smartphone? Turning the camera on/off. Good illumination of the face. Quiet background.
  • Do I have a stable Internet connection?
  • Software: Does the video conference start via my browser (like WebEx or Zoom) or do I need an additional installation (like Skype or Jitsi)? Getting to know additional functions of the software (e.g. chat, screen sharing, voting)

2. Communication

  • Log in 5-10min before a session so that the conference can start on time.
  • Moderation: Communicate the planned session flow. Define discussion rules.
    Discussion rules: Raise your hand for requests to speak. Microphone on/off.
    Speak clearly into the microphone. No side conversations or noises in the room.