Schedule of Lectures in SS and WS

Schedule of SS and WS

Mechanics I
Mechanics II
Mechanics III

Numerical Mechanics I


  • Linear Finite-Element-Method
  • Linear Structural Dynamics

Numerical Mechanics II


  • Nonlinear Finite-Element-Method
  • Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

Experimental Mechanics I


  • Signal Analysis in Time and Frequency Domain
  • Sensors, Measurements and Experimental Parameter Identification

Experimental Mechanics II


  • Parameter Identification of Structures
  • Introduction to Experimentally Based Material Modeling

Programming the Finite-Element-Method in MATLAB


  • Fundamentals
  • Advanced Aspects 



Real Mechanics Lab for Mechanics I - III

Tensegrity Structures


  • Modul 1: History and Design of Tensegrity Structures
  • Modul 2: Computational Tensegrity Mechanics


Simulation-Based Parameter Identification and State Monitoring
Fundamentals of the Finite-Element-Method