Bachelor's and Master's Theses

[Translate to englisch:] Abschluss- und Projektarbeiten

The Institute of Mechanics and Dynamics offers the students of civil, environmental and mechanical engineering the option of writing a bachelor’s, master’s or project thesis at the Institute of Mechanics and Dynamics.

The topics cover the following:

  • Analytical Mechanics
    • Nonlinear continuum mechanics
    • Balancing of multi-field problems
    • Analytic solutions for structures
  • Numerical Mechanics
    • Finite element and time integrations methods
    • Propagation of nonlinear constitutive equations 
    • Multi-field finite element method
    • Error estimation and adaptivity
  • Experimental Mechanics
    • Experiments in a real mechanics laboratory
    • Determination of dynamic characteristics
    • Study of thermo-mechanical interactions
  • Applied Mechanics
    • Static and dynamic analysis of structures
    • Finite element simulation of structures, machines, vehicles and wind energy plants
    • Optimization of designed or existing structures
    • Structural behavior during earthquakes

Students are welcome to request or suggest other topics at the Institute of Mechanics and Dynamics.