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Soil mechanics supplements

Type of module:
Compulsory elective module - consisting of soil mechanics supplements and soil mechanics laboratory practical course.

Course content:
Soil mechanics supplements: Time-dependent material and deformation behaviour of soils (consolidation of soils and soil creep); material laws for soils (deformation behaviour from linear-elastic to hypoplastic, shear strength, planning and interpretation of element tests); numerics in geotechnics (basics, selection of calculation sections and discretization of the model, simulation of construction stages and non-linear calculations); subsoil dynamics; model tests in geotechnics.

Student workload:
Attendance time:        28 hours
Independent study:   62 hours

Number of credits for the sub-module (soil mechanics supplements):

(Partial) examination
see module handbook

Seminar room 0404b, Mönchebergstraße 7

Start of lectures in summer semester 2024
Tuesday, 16.04.2024


Lecture notes and further information can be found at
The course password (if available) will be given to you before the start of the lecture.

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