Brückenkurs Mathematics

Mathematics is an essential tool of engineering. Lectures and exercises in mathematics are therefore an important part of the basic studies in order to impart the necessary mathematical knowledge.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the bridge course in mathematics during the semester. The bridge course is primarily intended for students who did not take the preliminary mathematics course or realized there that they should work on their mathematics skills. However, all other interested students are welcome to attend and improve their understanding of mathematics. The bridge course picks up selected topics from the pre-course and gives you the opportunity to practice the content. It also provides motivations, illustrations and alternative approaches to the Ihnalten of the mathematics lecture.

The Brückenkurs focuses on topics that have practical relevance to the study and career field of civil and environmental engineering. Among others, the topics trigonometry, vector calculus, differential calculus and integral calculus are covered.

Dates in summer semester 2023

The Brückenkurs takes place continuously on both dates. Thus, there are not two alternatives for the same contents, but the course comprises 4 SWS. However, it will be divided thematically, so that one does not always have to attend both dates.

There is a Moodle course for the bridge course. You will receive the access password on request by mail or in the course.

Dates in summer semester 2023: Moodle course