Bachelor Theses / Master Theses

Current topics for project, bachelor and master theses result from the ongoing research projects at the Department of Urban Water Management. In addition, students can work on issues that are brought to the department by external bodies (industry, planning and engineering offices, authorities, etc.) after consultation with the department head and the staff. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Valerie Liese, M.Sc.

Guidance on the procedure and writing of student theses (term papers, project papers, bachelor's and master's theses) can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. We recommend that all authors of such student theses at the Department of Urban Water Management follow these instructions!

Completed work


Cicek, Cihan Armin: Evaluation of phosphorus elimination processes at the Schlüchtern-Niederzell wastewater treatment plant against the background of stricter effluent requirements

Höhmann, Leonie: Remediation backlog in the water supply - Development of a remediation concept for the water reservoir Niedenstein low zone


Lindemann, Sophie Elise: Immission assessment and development of suitable measures to reduce critical discharges into the Wehlenbach (City of Hallenberg)

Kregel, Martine: Evaluation of dewaterability and drying of powder activated carbon precipitated sludge as feedstock for targeted phosphorus recovery

Pronold , Henri: Current state of research on the process-determining influencing factors of bio-P elimination

Salamah, Ummi : Foam formation and defoamer use at an industrial wastewater treatment plant

Zia, Tariq: Comparison of the design approaches according to the worksheets DWA-A 226 (E) and DWA-A 131

Thormann, Malte: Balancing of nitrous oxide emissions from wastewater treatment and sludge treatment processes using the example of a municipal wastewater treatment plant

Steinicke, Natascha: Status quo of large-scale disintegration plants with the aim of phosphorus recovery from wet sludge

Diedrichsen, Jan: Safe water supply in climate change - Development of a solution concept for the municipalities of Neuental and Jesberg

Geca, Wiktoria: Balancing methane emissions from wastewater treatment and sludge treatment processes using the example of a municipal wastewater treatment plant

Hoffmann, Niklas Bjarne: Biogas production and utilization in a dairy plant

Sabonete, Luisa: Retention soil filters for extra-urban road drainage - Legal framework, state of application and experience -

Vallino, Egidio Giovanni: Combination process for arsenic removal from drinking water using adsorption on alumina and ultra-low pressure ultrafiltration


Wolf, Marius: Elaboration of adaptation strategies in TW extraction and treatment to ensure TW supply in Witzenhausen in the future

Höft, Lukas: Upgrade concept for a drinking water treatment plant for arsenic removal: Examination of possible arsenic elimination processes

Nording, Suzanne Joyce: Evaluation of a critical extraneous water content with regard to nitrogen as well as of solution approaches for extraneous water reduction in rural areas

Jahn, Jens: Possibilities of optimization of underloaded activated sludge plants with anaerobic sludge stabilization regarding process engineering, energy efficiency, economic efficiency

Probol, Ann-Kristin: Water-sensitive design of the new urban quarter "Blüthlinde

Knabe, Marieke: State of the science on nitrogen elimination at municipal wastewater treatment plants


Bräuer, Luca: Investigations on the external aerobic stabilization of the wastewater treatment plant Prinzenstein

Nguyen, Phi Van: Energy saving potentials through modified sewage sludge treatment:CO2 considerations at municipal wastewater treatment plants


Schlemmer, Erik: State of the art of arsenic elimination for drinking water treatment in Germany

Pfaff, Johannes David: Investigation of the combustion behavior of screenings from wastewater treatment plants

Pohnert, Stephan: Profile measurements on aCO2 diesel deaerator for operational optimization

Füller, Pascal: Further development of the dynamic simulation model of a municipal wastewater treatment plant

Kühnel, Birk: Hydraulic performance of membrane filtration modules using finely dispersed adsorbents for arsenic elimination


Siebert ,Nico: Energy efficient drinking water supply - Energetic optimization of the drinking water network section "Simmershausen-Osterberg" in Vellmar -.

Schnitker, Jannis: Evaluation of discharge data at the Mühlweg stormwater overflow in Hessisch Lichtenau and modernization of the measurement and data acquisition system

Wolf, Christian: Analysis of the residual material "screenings" at municipal wastewater treatment plants

Bindel, Sven: Utilization of service water at municipal wastewater treatment plants

Heinemann, Sarah: Batch test series for the determination of digester gas quality and quantity from screenings

Amini, Sonja: Validation of the new mathematical model approach for the estimation of the volumetric mass transfer coefficient

Jacki, Elena: Estimation of the load of surface waters with micropollutants from municipal wastewater using the example of the catchment area of the river Lahn

Elger, Lukas: Flexible treatment of industrial water using membrane filtration systems


Vollmer, Kristin: Assessment of the impact of climate change on combined sewer overflows using the example of the Kassel-Forstfeld / Kassel-Bettenhausen sewer network catchment area

Haferkamp, Philipp: Conceptual design of a treatment stage for arsenic elimination for mobile drinking water treatment plants using the example of the water backpack for an application in Bangladesh

Frank, Sergej: Energy optimization at a municipal wastewater treatment plant - development of a CHP, heating and gas tank concept for the Diez wastewater treatment plant

Schnackenberg, Michael: Development of a concept for energy efficiency optimization of the biogas plant of the company Schnackenberg GmbH in Westertimke

Knispel, Julia: Conceptual design and further development of the bioreactor with rotating fixed bed

Knispel, Sarah: Preparation of aCO2 balance over the entire product life cycle of the water backpack


Pfannkuch, Lisa: Evaluation of optimization measures for the Kämmerzell pumping station: material analysis

Bräuer, Luca: Influence of dissolved and particulate matter on trace substance elimination using ozone

Siebert, Nele: Sensitivity analysis of model parameters for the simulation of trace substance elimination on activated carbon

Hochhuth, Natalie: Comparative analysis of material characteristics from material sampling of pipe liners with an age of up to 20 years

Dienethal, Jan Philipp: Performance potential of MBR plants - design and reality

Dong, Xiaowen: Status quo, experience and perspective of NASS applications - national and international


Feiertag, Leonie: Adsorption assessment of dissolved organic matter and organic micropollutants using activated carbon from residual biomass

Azmaa Oyunsukh: Development of a concept for process water storage and optional process water treatment by deammonification in a common structure


Winter, Tobias: Media research and basic investigation of the planning method of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the urban water management sector

Kampshoff, Hendrik: Evaluation of selected Hessian wastewater pond, submerged and trickling filter systems for performance optimization of nitrogen elimination

Füller, Pascal: Evaluation of selected Hessian wastewater treatment plants using the conventional activated sludge process for performance optimization of nitrogen elimination

Wolf, Christian: Volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient in high saline media

Pohnert, Stephan: Concept for advanced wastewater treatment at the Kassel wastewater treatment plant

Kosmützky, Alina: Evaluation of selected municipal wastewater treatment plants in Hesse for the performance of nitrogen elimination

Cordts, Lukas: Conception of an Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) at the University of Kassel using the example of the Campus Holländischer Platz

Heinemann, Nils: Typing of wastewater treatment plants in North-East Hesse against the background of the amended Wastewater Sludge Ordinance

Emmert, Sarah: Evaluation of selected municipal wastewater treatment plants in Central Hesse against the background of the Hessian action program on phosphorus


Jian, Lincheng: Combination process for arsenic elimination from raw water using electrolysis and ultra-low pressure ultrafiltration

Bohlen, Peter: Inventory and process engineering design of wastewater treatment in the chemical industry using the example of a pharmaceutical and medical supplies company

Mrstany, Mohamad: Potential study for the systemic optimization of the drinking water supply of the districts Niederlistingen and Oberlistingen in the municipality of Breuna

Bednarz, Justyna: Arsenic elimination from raw water by adsorption on powdery adsorbents

Liese, Valerie: Material-energetic balancing and economic evaluation of the KlärWert plant at the Steinhof sewage treatment plant (Braunschweig)

Moßhammer, Heiko: Possibilities of an optimized tailings pile wastewater management to reduce salt inputs into surface waters

Karpf, Mitja Alexander: Groundwater remediation of contaminated sites using the example of a tar-oil-contaminated aquifer in Gelsenkirchen

Ladda, Svenja: Resource-oriented wastewater management and potentials of sector coupling using the example of the Outer East Town of Erfurt

Wie, Wie: Laboratory studies on biogenic sulfide precipitation in industrial wastewater containing heavy metals

Haferkamp, Philipp: Construction and operation of a semi-industrial test plant for arsenic elimination from raw water by means of electrocoagulation

Podlich, Andreas: Possibilities of avoiding increased MAP formation in wastewater treatment plants with increased biological phosphorus elimination

Böhme, Claudia: Disposal of saline wastewater in Germany - challenges, solution strategies and limitations


Machelett, Lukas: Extension of a water treatment station by a treatment stage for arsenic elimination - verification of chemical and hydraulic performance in continuous filtration operation

Ansari, Jubin: Solar driven disinfection of treated wastewater for reuse applications: evaluation of capacity, operational parameters and treatment performance of an innovative electro-chlorination pilot system operation at STP El Toyo in Andalusia/Spai

Moussa, Mikhael: Electrocoagulation for arsenic and fluoride elimination from drinking water

Heinemann, Sarah: Techno-economic comparison of concepts for the conversion of smaller wastewater treatment plants to anaerobic sludge stabilization

Zhang, Nan: Laboratory tests on arsenic and fluoride elimination from drinking water using finely dispersed adsorbents

Hartmann, Stefan: Quality-assured development and verification of a process for the production of a CO-containing test gas atmosphere in the emission simulation facility of the Hessian State Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology

Knispel, Sarah: Investigations on the operational suitability of an activated carbon filter bed for the simultaneous elimination of phosphorus and trace substances with regard to solids loading

Niu, Yiyi: Biogenic sulfide precipitation in industrial wastewater containing heavy metals

Liao, Mengzhen: Development of a concept for the treatment of condensed water from a gas pressure control system

Loebelt, Norman: Volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient in highly saline media - Construction of a test rig adapted to the highly saline medium and performance of the oxygen transfer tests -

Borchert, Marvin: Investigations on the treatment of an industrial wastewater stream from tire washing with focus on the heavy metal copper

Ruppert, Ramona-Margarita: Simulation-based immission-oriented assessment of the water pollution caused by urban water management discharges of the municipality of Poppenhausen (Wasserkuppe) according to the Hessian guideline "Immission assessment" and Hessian tool package as a possible implementation tool

Nörenberg, Franziska: Investigations on arsenic elimination from drinking water using adsorbents based on iron hydroxide and iron-containing clays

Nuhn, Lucas: Investigations on the energetic optimization of the Lauterbach wastewater treatment plant by integrating an anaerobic sludge treatment system


Turowsky, Dino: Detection of aging processes in wastewater pipes with the aid of optical inspections using the example of the Innerste wastewater pipes of the Harzwasserwerke waterworks

Meyer, Hans Michael: Evaluation of the filtration performance of a semi-industrial test plant for phosphorus elimination

Hofmann, Anna: Wastewater reuse for hydroponic plant production - development of process engineering concepts for water and nutrient reuse in the connection of a municipal wastewater treatment plant -

Egetenmeier, Sebastian: Validation of a mathematical model approach for the estimation of the volumetric mass transfer coefficient kLa

Jankowski, Steffen: Investigations on the use of UV technology for water disinfection in the field of aquaculture

Kaya, Yasmin: Investigations on a filter column for phosphorus elimination with special consideration of operation optimization

Wolf, Julia: Stationary re-evaluation of the MBR GKW Nordkanal on the basis of the current DWA technical regulations

Will, Catharina: Climate-friendly drinking water supply - concept development for the network area of RhönEnergie Fulda GmbH

Luo, Zhanghangzhi: Effect of powdered activated carbon (PAH) on the interfacial factor α in activated sludge systems with different dry matter contents

Köhler, Manja: Investigations on the extension of a mobile water treatment plant with a treatment stage for arsenic elimination

Dircks, Sophia: Combination of MBR and powdered activated carbon for the treatment of hospital laundry wastewater - planning, analysis and evaluation

Seela, Florian: Remediation concepts for drinking water storage plants

Wetekam, Sarah: Upgrading of municipal wastewater treatment plants in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg


Hartel, Sabrina: Water sector analysis in Da Nang (Vietnam)

Heinze, Christina: Media research on the topic "micro pollutants" with special focus on the Hessian water body "Lahn".

Buchhorn, Mikko: Investigations on the influence of changing influent loads on the process stability of the Nereda process

Füller, Joscha: Optimization of a municipal wastewater treatment plant by implementing partial flow processes for nitrogen elimination in sludge water

Warkentin, Alexander: Optimization of internal water use using the example of a milk powder manufacturer and analysis of the transfer potential to sustainable industrial estate planning

Somayya, Mais: Application of novel sanitation systems on the campus of the University of Kassel "Holländischer Platz

Finn, Nadine: Raw water ultrafiltration as a precursor for a solar powered drinking water disinfection plant - evaluation of hydraulic and material performance

Hark, Katharina: Investigations of novel ultrafiltration membrane modules regarding hydraulic and microbiological performance

Umbach, Franziska: Energy efficiency and energy generation at municipal wastewater treatment plants - Performance of an energy efficiency analysis for the wastewater treatment plant Homberg (Efze) against the background of energy generation


Becker ,Christine Irina: Regenerative energy generation from wastewater by means of a wastewater turbine using the example of the wastewater treatment plant of the VW plant in Baunatal

Dierker, Marcel: Integrity testing of MBR flat membrane elements and modules - data evaluation and setup of a test rig -

Walter, Franziska: Decentralized wastewater disposal using the example of an outlying area of a rural municipality in the Neckar-Odenwald district, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Gibmeier, Anna: Monitoring the process stability of biogas reactors using electronic noses (sensor arrays)

Thielmann, Steffen: Concept for the revitalization of a process water supply system in an automotive plant under the aspects of supply security and economic efficiency

Heimburger, Steffen: Technical Measures for Water Pumping and Treatment with Flexibly Plannable Electricity Consumption - Technical Potentials of Control Power Provision and Revenue Potentials -.

Sanna, Anas: Evaluation of the capacity, performance and operational stability of a solar-powered ultrafiltration system for drinking water treatment

Schimani, Katherina: Investigation of the performance of high-performance bacteria in laboratory-scale and small-scale semi-industrial biogas plants