Dual training course

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Dual training in civil engineering

The training with perspective!
Vocational training and university studies in only 5 years

Requirements / Modalities

You must meet the following requirements:

  • University entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification,
  • Willingness to shape the future,
  • Willingness to do physical work during training,
  • Flexibility.

During the vocational training you will receive a training allowance - according to the collective agreement this can be up to 999 EUR/month (gross).

To complete the dual training, you will conclude an apprenticeship contract with a construction company. The ASK or the two associations (see below for addresses) will help you find a training company and arrange apprenticeships.

The practical training takes place directly in the training company as well as inter-company in Kassel (ASK). The course of study then takes place at the University of Kassel.

For more information, please contact the ASK and the University of Kassel.

Contact person at the University of Kassel

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Racky
University of Kassel
FB 14 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mönchebergstraße 7, 34125 Kassel
Tel.: +49 561 804-2620, Fax: +49 561 804-7795
E-Mail: peter.racky[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Carrier of the dual education

If you want to start your training in building construction or civil engineering:

Verband baugewerblicher Unternehmer Hessen e.V.
Northern Hesse office
Parkstraße 28
34119 Kassel
Tel.: +49 561 78981-0

Bauindustrieverband Hessen-Thüringen e.V.
Northern Hesse district group
Druseltalstraße 15
34131 Kassel
Tel.: +49 561 102626

ASK Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stufenausbildung
Falderbaumstraße 18
34123 Kassel
Tel.: +49 561 95851-0

Other cooperation partners:

Training Center of the Construction Industry for the Werra-Meissner District
Südring 35
37269 Eschwege
Tel.: +49 5651 8697

If you are aiming for an apprenticeship in the carpentry trade:

Bundesbildungszentrum des Zimmerer- und Ausbaugewerbes Gemeinnützige GmbH
Werner-Heisenberg-Strasse 4
34123 Kassel
Tel.: +49 561 95897-31

Why civil engineering?

For some time now, the industry has been complaining about declining numbers of graduates in construction and other engineering courses. Every construction site must be managed, every construction project planned and designed in advance. This requires qualified young engineers who understand their craft and are at home in construction. This is precisely where dual training in civil engineering comes in. Theoretical knowledge from the course of study is effectively underpinned with practical experience through vocational training. The content of the training and the course of study complement each other and are closely interlinked. The participants can thus save about 2 years of training time. In almost the same time it takes other students to complete their civil engineering studies on their own, you will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering and a professional qualification! Many construction companies take advantage of the opportunity to bind a future engineer to them at an early stage by means of a training contract.

Our offer

  • We train you to become a sought-after construction specialist in just five years.
  • You will receive sound, practice-oriented training.
  • You will learn directly on site what is important on the construction site - this is the basis for your success.
  • Your full professional qualification: bricklayer, concrete worker or road builder.
  • You'll target this experience while studying at the university with specialized skills to become a top professional  or top professional.
  • Your degree: Bachelor of Science.
  • You save about 2 years of training time!

This new project was developed by educational institutions and associations to offer young people today an opportunity for tomorrow. At the same time, the desire of the construction industry to obtain qualified and, above all, practically experienced young engineers was the driving force behind the project. This is the first time in Germany that a construction apprenticeship has been combined with university studies. Less than 5 years after starting your training, you will be sought-after specialists with broad practical experience and excellent development opportunities! The future lies ahead of you: Seize your chance!