Master - Civil Engineering 2014

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The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers the consecutive Master of Science in Civil Engineering for graduates of the Bachelor of Civil Engineering program in Kassel, as well as for external applicants. The currently valid examination regulations are dated April 29, 2014. The scientifically oriented Master's program comprises three semesters.

Details on how to apply can be found on the university's website on study application and enrollment.

Further information on the program can be found on the central program page.


SpecializationsSpecialization coordinators
Structural EngineeringProf. Dr.-Ing. Reul
Construction Operations and Construction ManagementProf. Dr.-Ing. Racky
TransportationProf. Dr.-Ing. Hoyer
Water EngineeringProf. Dr.-Ing. Theobald
Numerical methods of structural analysisProf. Dr.-Ing. Kuhl
MaterialsProf. Dr.-Ing. Middendorf
Traffic route construction and geotechnics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reul

The corresponding study plan must be signed by the responsible specialization coordinator and submitted to the Student Service. When completing the study plan, please always state the number/code as per the module handbook.

Notes on the registration of the master thesis

Prerequisite for the registration of the Master's thesis are achievements of at least 54 credits. In case of admission with conditions, the conditions must be passed.

Please hand in the completed application documents as well as a copy of the Bachelor's degree certificate at the latest one week before the start of the processing period to the Student Services, room 2313, Mönchebergstr. 7!

If not already done, the approved study plan (and schedule of requirements) must be attached to the application.

The assignment (in triplicate) is submitted by the examiner to the Studienservice. You can pick it up at the Studienservice (room 2313, Mönchebergstr. 7) during opening hours from the day of the start of processing.