WG Working life and lifelihood

The speakers of the working group

Prof. Dr. Reinhard's research focuses on minimum security in old age and livelihood security in the event of unemployment, namely the benefits under SGB II, as well as the provision of long-term care, the high costs of which pose an existential threat to many of those affected and their relatives. Currently, work is being done in an international cooperation within the framework of an EU Horizon 2020 project on the question of adequate financial security for the need for long-term care.

Prof. Dr. Schroeder has already dealt with institutional framework conditions of the German welfare state and its further development in several publications. His published monograph (2017): "Denominational Welfare Associations in Transition. Fortf├╝hrung des deutschen Sonderwegs durch vorsorgende Sozialpolitik?" deals with the current question of denominational welfare associations.

Image: David Ausserhofer/WZB

Speaker of the University of Kassel

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schroeder
Professor, Section:
Political System of the FRG- Statehood in Transition,
Faculty of Social Sciences

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Speaker Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Reinhard
Professor for
Social Law and Private Law,
Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences (SK)

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