WG Health and Welfare State Infrastructure

Research activities

In November 2015, the working groups "Health and Care" and "Social Administration and Welfare State Infrastructure" were merged to form the new working group "Health and Welfare State Infrastructure". This took account of the close proximity of the research foci in terms of content. For knowledge transfer, a series of events were organized on current legislative projects at the federal level and their implementation in the region.

For example, under the premise of "Growing up healthy, living and working healthy, growing older healthy!", the Act to Strengthen Health Promotion and Prevention (PrävG) was discussed in July 2016 in Kassel, and the new Nursing Professions Act was discussed in February 2016 in Fulda with various actors from science, politics and practice, as well as with the numerous guests in each case, so that exchange and discussion with the regional professional public (universities, health care and nursing institutions, independent welfare associations, health insurance companies, as well as professional associations) was possible. The question of the need for reform in health policy, which Prof. Dr. Stefan Greß, Prof. Dr. Tanja Klenk and Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Gerlinger addressed with their presentations and subsequent discussion at the event "After the reforms is before the reform - health policy before the Bundestag elections" on June 6, 2017, also met with a high turnout of more than 80 interested parties from practice and science.

Speaker:in University of Kassel


Speaker Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Stefan Greß
Professor of Health Services Research and Health Economics
Faculty of Health Sciences (GW)

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