CSWG Gender, Migration und Social Sector

Spokeswomen of the cross-sectional working group

Speakers of the cross-sectional working group Gender, Migration and Social Sector are Prof. Dr. Manuela Westphal (University of Kassel, Faculty of Human Sciences) and Prof. Dr. Monika Alisch (Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Social Work).

Focus of work

The cross-sectional working group Gender, Migration and Social Sector has set itself the task of researching questions at the interfaces of the three areas that give it its name. In several working meetings, the current research projects and questions of the scientists working in this working group were presented and an outlook on new research questions developing from them was given. This gave rise to the idea of the public lecture series "Migration, Gender and Social Practice", which has been inviting researchers twice a year since the summer semester of 2016.

For the inaugural event, which was organized in cooperation with the Centre of Research for Society and Sustainability (CeSSt), the founder of the Institute for Critical Educational Research gUG Dr. Heike Niedrig from Hamburg could be won, who spoke on the topic of "The Discursive Construction of "Refugees" - Gender Theoretical and Postcolonial Perspectives of Analysis "7. In another event, Prof. Dr. Susanne Spindler (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences) spoke on the topic of "Gender and Migration in Focus - Pitfalls and Challenges for Social Work". In the lecture events, the significance of gender in the context of migration for social work is discussed with guests from academia and practice. Since this topic area is very strongly connected with attributions and positioning, these became the discussion occasion to reflect on (own and assigned) constructions of belonging, which are formed by gender and origin, but also e.g. age and class.

Speaker University of Kassel

Prof. Dr. Manuela Westphal
Section: Socialization with a focus on migration and intercultural education,
Faculty of Human Sciences

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Speaker Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Monika Alisch
Professor of Sociology - Social Space Development and Organization,
Faculty of Social Work (SW)

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