Monolithically integrated ultra-narrowband and wide-tunable high-power laser light sources based on 1.55 micron quantum dot material

(Monolithisch integrierte ultra-schmalbandige und weit abstimmbare Hochleistungs-Laserlichtquellen auf der Basis von 1,55 µm Quanten­punktmaterial)

The sub-project MONOLOP is integrated into the work package 5 ("tunable cw-laser systems") of the cross-section project "optical components" of the joint project "SASER".

The goal of the SASER research programme is to provide the scientific, technical, and technological concepts and solutions for secure transport networks in the 2020 time frame.

A European solution envisaged by SASER is based on the strengths and expertise in security and high-speed optical transport networks to overcome the bottlenecks and vulnerabilities of today’s electronic all-IP based infrastructure. The envisaged European consortium combines leading equipment providers, network operators, universities and research institutions and offers the prerequisites for a successful development, implementation and standardisation of the proposed solutions.

SASER will focus on novel architectures and solutions for a safe and secure next generation telecommunication infrastructure. 

Key topic 1: Security, safety, and reliability aspects

Network security by protection against external and internal attacks.

Safe and reliable transmission by applying innovative coding.

Key topic 2: Networking aspects

Scalable, reliable, and energy-efficient network and node architectures taking benefit from low energy optical transport networking techniques.

Key topic 3: Physical layer transmission aspects

High spectral efficiency and energy efficient transport of optical signals required by the integrated optical/electrical node functionalities based on different switching granularities.