Research Key Topics

The Fachgebiet Technische Physik is engaged in the following key topics:

  • Development of novel process technologies to nanostructure semiconductor material systems
  • Morphological, optical and electronical characterisation of nanostructured semiconductors
  • Fabrication of novel optolelectronic and nanophotonic devices
  • Optical and electronic device characterisation
  • Fabrication and characterization of nano-crystalline diamond layers


For nanostructuring of semiconductors the following three directions are persued:

  • Top-down approach: Fabrication of nanostructures by nano-lithography (e.g., electron, ion beam or nanoimprint patterning) and etching techiques (e.g., wet- or dry-chemical etching)
  • Bottom-up approach: Fabrication of nanostructures with selforganized techniques (e.g., quantum dot growth by molecular beam epitaxy, Formation of nanocrystallites with special plasma deposition processes)
  • Mixed approach: Fabrication of nanostructures by combining of top-down and bottom-up approaches (e.g., quantum dot growth on pre-patterned substrates).

An overview on topics is given in the Overview Poster.

Research Areas

The research is subdivided into the following areas: