Oliver Wieczorek has been a Senior Researcher in Governance and Organisation at INCHER in Kassel since May 2022. Previously, he was a project member in the DFG projects "Networks, Paradigms and Careers in the Academic Field: Sociology in Germany and the United States" and "Effective School Governance: Increasing and Reducing Performance Differences in Education? A Five-Country Comparative and Longitudinal Analysis" (together with Professor Münch and Dr. PD. Andreas Schmitz).

He completed his doctorate at Otto-Friedrich-Universität-Bamberg (summa cum laude: 0.0) under Prof. Richard Münch and Prof. Gerhard Schulze.

His research interests are in the areas of:

* Science Studies (especially emergence, change and external relations of disciplines to each other and to other social fields).
* Computational Social Sciences (topic modelling, network analysis)
* Quantitative methods of empirical social research
* Educational research
* Sociological theory
* Sociology of elites

OrcID: orcid.org/0000-0002-6504-0965
Twitter: @OliverWieczorek