Di­ver­si­fi­ca­ti­on of Hig­her Edu­ca­ti­on and the Aca­de­mic Pro­fes­sion

Alessandro Cavalli & Ulrich Teichler (Hrsg.): Diversification of Higher Education and the Academic Profession European Review Supplement 18 (S1), 2010.

Papers from the HERCULES symposium, Torino, Italy 2009. 

The Torino Conference and publication were coordinated by Alessandro Cavalli (Pavia) and Ulrich Teichler (Kassel). The conference in March 2009 reflected on the first results of the international study on “The Changing Academic Profession (CAP)”


The Academic Profession: A Common Core, a Diversified Group or an Outdated Idea?
(Alessandro Cavalli and Ulrich Teichler)

The Diversifying Academic Profession?
(Ulrich Teichler)