GPN Tea Time

Tea Time Sessions 2022

Date Title Presenter Research Cluster Afterwards
  August, September and October will be postponed due to the GPN conference      
Mon, 04/07/22, 3 pm (CEST) Witch Branding in India Action Aid India 3 No research cluster meeting
  June meeting postponed      
Mon, 09/05/22, 3 pm (CEST) Social and solidarity economy in Haiti: development issues in a context characterized by economic policies favorable to foreign direct investment in extractivist sectors Képler Aurélien 2 Gather town
Mon, 04/04/22, 3 pm (CEST) “The human being at the heart and periphery of projects" Emmanuel Seyni Ndione, President of Enda Graf Sahel 1 Cluster Meeting (1)
Mon, 07/03/22, 3 pm (CET) How asymmetrical is “partnership” within the GPN? Fiona Faye, Kwesi Aikins, Aram Ziai 3 Discussion
Mon, 07/02/22, 3 pm (CET) Impact of Corporate Integrated Farm Solutions on Small Farmers: A Case Study of Bayer, Karnal, Haryana Archana Prasad & Tanja Matheis 2 Cluster Meeting (2)