School Governance and Territorial Development: What Roles for the Local Elite?

General Information

Academic & Training Workshop

19th-20th November 2020


Workshop Organizer:
Université Virtuelle du Sénégal (UVS)

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Thematic focus

This workshop is designed to equip future analysts, local development advisors, school administrators, researchers and managers of educational institutions with specific academic knowledge, skills and competencies for territorial management and governance in general and the governance of educational institutions in particular.

Thematic orientation of the workshop: Development cooperation (access, responsibility, in-depth participation).

Tentative Programme

  1. The third axis of decentralization and its impact on the local management of economic activities: Prof. Ibou Sané, Sociologist
  2. School governance and its consequences on the local educational offer: Prof. Abdoulaye Anne, Education Administration
  3. The Senegalese local development model: strengths and weaknesses: Prof. Moussa Diouf, economist

Target audience

Teachers, Students, Local elected officials

Learning goals

  • Identify the major issues of decentralization;
  • Adapt curricula to local needs;
  • Analyze the current local development model and make the necessary corrections.