What do civil society organisations in the global South need from us in Europe?

General Information

Date: 18th October 2022

Venue: aka, Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, Kassel, Germany

Type of event: Policy and Empowerment Workshop

Organisers: University of Kassel/GPN & afrique-europe-interact (local group in Kassel)


This GPN workshop aimed at providing a public platform for the GPN partner civil society organisation Balai Citoyen. It enabled a German and international public in Kassel to get to know their political work and movement objectives and critically engage with Ousmane Miphal LANKOANDE, one of their representatives. An interactive exchange between a politically interested public and Miphal led to a deeper analysis of the movement in its specific historical and geo-political context including how multiple crises affect the movement’s work.

In a second step, the discussion was steered around the wishes and expectations from civil society in the global South (represented by the Balai Citoyen) towards civil society in the global North which want to support in solidarity.


  • Very short presentation of the organizers and their interest in organizing this event:
    • GPN presented by Fiona Faye
    • afrique-europe-interact kassel presented by Mamadou Bolly Keira
  • Input by Ousmane Miphal LANKOANDE: Genesis of the Balai Citoyen which started as social movement chasing away a dictator and then professionalized into a NGO
  • Fishbowl discussion: What does the Balai Citoyen expect/wish for from civil society organizations in the Global North? How should transnational cooperation / global partnership between civil society in the global South and North look like? – moderated by Fiona Faye

Photo Gallery

Miphal presents his social movement, the Balai Citoyen, to a diverse public in Kassel. The international dimension of the exchange is facilitated through a simultaneous translation English-French.
Miphal illustrates the revolution in Burkina Faso in 2014, when the Balai Citoyen chased away the dictator Blaise Compaoré.
Fiona Faye presents the GPN and its focus to tackle power asymmetries between global North and South in both research and practice.
Mamadou Bolly Keira presents the transnational network afrique-europe-interact with its fight for freedom of movement and self-determined development.
Participants ask many critical questions thereby fostering a lively exchange.