Workshop: Technical Capacity building of the board and staff related to fundraising

General Information

Capacity building

Online event

Organised by Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAM)


This workshops entitled “Technical Capacity building of the board and staff related to fundraisingwere held as part of Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAM)’s development of team members to manage the Portland Bight Protected Area (PBPA) sustainably. It is part of a larger project that is being implemented in partnership with the University of Kassel, represented by the president, acting for and through the Global Partnership Network (GPN).


The objective of the workshops was on improving the financial sustainability of C-CAM focused on implementation of the updated C-CAM funding plan 2022- 2027. The focus of the workshop was to implement Output 1.1:  A sustained internal enabling environment, governance and management framework to facilitate donor confidence and attract funding and investment to meet Strategic Objective 1 - to leverage the strength of the board, track record and credibility of C-CAM, and assignment of dedicated resources to increase funding inflows.

Learning goals of the workshop

  • A better understating of the roles and responsibilities towards good governance – board
  • A better understanding of their role in fundraising – staff and what is involved in fundraising
  • A better understating of what a corporate philanthropist might be looking for when seeking selecting funding support areas
  • How to create and develop a prospect list?
  • How to develop a Funding Plan budget?
  • What priorities should be included in the budget?

Target audience

The target audience was 10-12 of C-CAM’s board of directors, staff, consultants and volunteers. The actual participants included 5 directors, 10 staff, 2 consultants, 2 volunteers/Interns and 1 representative from a partner organization (University of the West Indies plus one corporate representative and, 2 presenters.