GPN Working Papers

Below you could find working papers published by the GPN


GPN Working Papers No 5

Dr. Reema Gill
Sneha Maji
Daisy Zacharia
Vaishnavi Mangal
Ajit Kumar
Santosh Mahindrakar

To Stay or to Go? Recruitment and Outmigration of Nurses from India. A GPN / JNU Project

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Dr. Reema Gill (2024)

Movement of nurses is a coalescence of different factors and forces. It is not just an occurrence rising from global equation of supply and demand of nurses as the spaces of globalization are multiple, intersecting, socially and politically constructed.

Dr. Reema Gill (2024)

Dr. Anarfi Asamoa Baah (2024)

Since the Covid-19 crisis, we have seen an exponential increase, a surge, in the number of nurses leaving the shores of Ghana to the UK, the USA, Canada, and Aus­tralia. This is worrying because of the critical role nurses play in the Ghanaian health service delivery system.

Dr. Anarfi Asamoa Baah (2024)

GPN Working Papers No 4

Sarah Ama Amoo
Dr. Nancy Innocentia Ebu Enyan
Kofi Ameyaw Domfeh
Dr. Edward Kwabena Ameyaw
John Eliasu Mahama
Isaac Boadu
Prof. Kingsley Kwadwo Asare Pereko
Dr. Anarfi Asamoa-Baah

To Stay or to Go? Outmigration of Nurses from Ghana. A GPN / UCC Project

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GPN Working Papers No 3

Prof. Dr. Ayalneh Bogale
Editorial Board: Prof. Dr. Aram Ziai (Executive Director)
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The Africa Agricultural Transformation AgendaConcurrent Challenges and Strategic Pathways for Building Resilience and Sustainable Food Systems.

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Prof. Dr. Ayalneh Bogale (2023)

This paper reviews what Africa can learn from the success and failures of Green Revolution, the pace at which the continental agricultural transformation is progressing towards attaining its stated goals and then proposes few strategic pathways that may be considered to enhance sustainable and resilient agri-food systems that would produce sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet the needs of all people for an active and healthy life – and doing so without compromising the food security, health and nutrition of future generations.

Prof. Dr. Ayalneh Bogale (2023)

Prof. Dr. Archana Prasad (2023)

The main motivation of the project was to understand how the power and control of transnational businesses is growing over the agricultural system in the context of persistent agrarian distress because of the changing role of the Indian State and its declining interventions in the agricultural sector.

Prof. Dr. Archana Prasad (2023)

GPN Working Papers No 2

Archana Prasad, Dinesh Abrol, Praveen Jha, Tanja Verena Matheis and Christian Herzig
In Collaboration with Rollins John and Rajinder Singh

Impact of Corporate Integrated Farm Solutions on Small Farmers: A Case Study of Bayer, Karnal, Haryana

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GPN Working Paper No 1

Juvaria Jafri (2022) Fintech, Philanthropy and Development: Is KYC the core problem or solution for Digital Inclusion?

GPN Working Paper No 1 : Download PDF

Juvaria Jafri (2022)

While it is not surprising then that the fintech sector has had an immense role in shaping the demand for and supply of technology centred on digital identification, a distinct feature of how this technology is deployed is a somewhat nebulous public-private partnership model

Juvaria Jafri (2022)