Alumni Applied Research School (AARS)


The Alumni Applied Research School (AARS) is a transfer instrument that allows alumni to share their experience and to work on ICDD topics after receiving their MA / MSc. It takes place every year over several days with the aim of bringing together current students, researchers, and graduates, many of whom have joined trade unions or NGOs in their professional lives.

The aim of the summer school is to strengthen Global Labour University (GLU) and ICDD network links and to explore options for future research collaboration. What is more,  summer school also provides a vital means of professional networking for alumni as well as a means of supporting them in their careers. It serves as a platform for exchanging practical solutions from their practical day-to-day experience. This is achieved, for instance, within research groups on issues of the world of work. AARS usually takes place together with and complements the annual GLU Conference.

Below is the timeline of previous AARS events. The last AARS event took place in 2019.


2019Reflecting 100 years of ILO – Shaping the Rules for a New Century of LabourBerlin, Germany
2018The Future of Work: Democracy, Development and the Role of LabourSão Paulo, Brazil
2017Reincarnation or Death of Neoliberalism?
The Rise of Market Authoritarianism and its Challenges for Labour
New Delhi, India
2016The Just Transition and the Role of Labour:
Our Ecological, Social, and Economic Future
Johannesburg, South Africa
2015Sharing the Gains – Containing Corporate PowerWashington D.C. & Pennsylvania
State University, USA
2014Inequality Within and Among Nations: Causes, Effects, and ResponsesBerlin, Germany
2013In Support of the Working ClassTISS Mumbai, India
2012Sustainable Growth, Development and Labour:
Progressive Responses at Local, National and Global Level
Instituto Cajamar, Brazil
2011The Politics of Labour and DevelopmentJohannesburg, South Africa
2010Labour and the Global Crisis: Sharing the Burden, Shaping the Future?Berlin, Germany
2009Research Methods, Collaboration and Dissemi nation in three Research
Projects: Minimum Wage, Domestic Work, and Gender and Trade Unions
Berlin, Germany