An­nu­al The­ma­tic Con­fe­rence & Ex­ceed Con­fe­rence

The Annual Thematic Conference (ATC) was an international conference organized within the framework of the ICDD to discuss and formulate strategies for building capacity and supporting research on topics related to decent work and development.

With the cooperation of eight international universities and public and civil society partners, the conference took place at a different partner university each year. It brought together prominent actors in higher education, international institutions, non-governmental organizations as well as scholars from various regions and multiple subject areas.

In the second phase of the ICDD and ‘exceed’ funding (2015-2019), the collaboration between the ‘exceed’ centres themselves became more important and intensified. ‘exceed’ Conferences, jointly organized by the ‘exceed’ centres, have superseded the ATC format. Whilst essentially retaining the same design, the conference no longer has just the ICDD network as its focus, but has become a joint endeavor of the ‘exceed’ centres that reaches out to all of the programme’s partners at the same time.

2018exceed Conference: Rethinking Development
Bonn, Germany
2017exceed Conference: Occupational Health and
Safety in Agriculture
Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY),
Mérida, Mexico
2016exceed Conference: Forced Migration
Environmental and Socioeconomic Dimensions
Berlin, Germany
2014ATC: Reflections on MDG 1 “Decent Work for All”:
Where Do We Stand?
Kassel / Witzenhausen, Germany
2013ATC: The Roles of Work, Food and Cash
in Overcoming Poverty
Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Mumbai, India
2012ATC: The Food Crisis: Implications for
Decent Work in Rural and Urban Areas
University of Kassel, Germany
2011ATC: Urban, Peri Urban Agriculture:
Empowerment and Value Chain Management
University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan
2010ATC: Migration and Decent Work
Challenges and Opportunities
Institute of Economics at
Campinas State University (Unicamp), Brazil