Funding opportunities for RTG members

In accordance with the regulations of the German Research Foundation (DFG), the Research Training Group (RTG) offers various measures for excellence/career promotion of researchers to promote a research environment that reflects diversity and equal opportunity.

Equal opportunity measures

1. Goals

  • Increase the number of female researchers at the project management level
  • Increase the career qualifications of early-career female researchers working in the project or network
  • make jobs in science and academia more family friendly

2. Funding of career development 

Target group: Females (not PIs) 

3. Funding for measures to combine family and career

Target group: Pregnant women, parents, and caring relatives (not PIs)

  • The salary for doctoral candidates or postdocs who are absent for family reasons are kept free for the return of the doctoral candidate/postdoc
  • Qualification stipend recipients with children have the option of taking advantage of a stipend extension or a childcare subsidy, or of combining the two
  • Costs of care for children or relatives in need of care (conditions apply). Care costs can generally be reimbursed as a supplement up to the following maximum rates:
    • Per hour in the amount of the applicable, statutory minimum salary
    • Per 24 hours of care costs for a maximum of 10 hours
    • Per year in the amount of 600,- € per employee
  • Support personnel (e.g. student assistants)
  • Setup of the parent-child room
  • Technical equipment of the home office
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4. Measures to increase equality sensibility

Target group: All RTG members