Research projects

Project 1

How does the cell cy­cle con­trol the dia­tom ge­ne­ra­ti­on clock?

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Project 2

Ro­le of TOR and tRNA me­dia­ted trans­la­tio­nal re­gu­la­ti­on as cou­pling fac­tor bet­ween mul­tis­ca­le clocks

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Project 3

Sub­cel­lu­lar oscil­la­ti­ons du­ring syn­cy­ti­al clea­va­ge di­vi­si­ons in Dro­so­phi­la me­la­no­gas­ter

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Project 4

Lo­ca­liza­t­i­on and in­ter­ac­tion of PDF neu­ro­pep­ti­des with other mem­bers of the cir­ca­di­an clock in re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves of Tar­di­gra­da (wa­ter be­ars)

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Project 5

Ana­ly­sis of cou­pling fac­tors con­trol­ling mul­tis­ca­le be­ha­vioral rhyth­ms in Dro­so­phi­la me­la­no­gas­ter

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Project 6

Diamond-based platforms for biochemical measurements of time-resolved clock cell signaling in response to external zeitgebers and coupling factors

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Project 7

Ana­ly­sis of plas­ma mem­bra­ne-de­pen­dent mul­tis­ca­le oscil­la­ti­ons of hawk­moth ol­fac­to­ry re­cep­tor neu­rons

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Project 8

se­cond mes­sen­ger oscil­la­ti­ons of cAMP and cal­ci­um con­trol bio­lo­gi­cal clocks

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Project 9

Mo­dels & si­mu­la­ti­ons for new in­sights in­to phy­sio­lo­gy of clocks and ways of ad­ap­t­ing it

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Project 10

Mul­tis­ca­le-mul­ti­com­po­nent theo­re­ti­cal de­scrip­ti­on of bio­lo­gi­cal oscil­la­tors and clocks: from sub­cel­lu­lar-le­vel si­mu­la­ti­ons to net­work mo­de­ling

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Project 11

Mo­del re­duc­tion via sym­me­tries and con­ser­va­ti­on laws for sys­tems on mul­ti­ple ti­me sca­les

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Project 12

Sys­tem-Theo­re­tic Ana­ly­sis of Feed­back Me­cha­nis­ms in Bio­lo­gi­cal Clocks Using Hier­archic Net­works of Oscil­la­tors

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