Welcome to our research training group "multiscale clocks"

Biological processes are coordinated autonomously and precisely in time and space. In each unicellular or multicellular organism internal oscillators and clocks at multiple time scales interact with each other. They are weaving a synchronized, continuous time course, embedded into geophysical rhythms such as the 24 h rhythm of day and night. In our research training group (RTG) we want to search for the mechanisms and constituents of biological clocks that generate and orchestrate biological time: the presence, the current but fleetingly moment of time that is shared within and between organisms.

To study biological timing via cellular oscillators requires the expert knowledge of many different disciplines. In our RTG we are an interdisciplinary group of researchers from Biochemistry, Chronobiology, Electrical Engineering/Control & Systems Theory, Genetics, Mathematics, Neurochemistry, Neuroethology, Physical Chemistry, Technical Physics, Theoretical Physics, and Zoology. Thus, we offer not only an exciting, timely research question, but also a highly interdisciplinary, individualized qualification program and expert, dedicated mentoring for our PhD candidates and researchers at different levels of their careers.

For our RTG that started in April 2022 we search for excellent, ambitious PhD applicants that are dedicated, self-driven research enthusiasts that want to learn from different disciplines/principal investigators (PIs) everything that is necessary to answer their self-picked research question among the research projects offered.

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