Course: High Temperature Materials


  • Dr.-Ing. Julia Richter

Learning objectives

  • Knowledge: Students will learn the relevant elementary processes that play key roles in material behavior at high temperatures. They will also be familiar with all the techniques that can be used to increase the strength of components subjected to high temperatures.

  • Skills: Students will learn to evaluate stress conditions and derive measures for strength increase as well as corrosion prevention.

  • Competencies: The students will be able to assess components with regard to their load-bearing capacity. They will also learn to design the components for advanced applications. In addition, the students will gain the knowledge for a suitable material selection.


  • Assessment and quantification of different load-time characteristics as well as environmental conditions
  • Diffusion
  • Performance of creep tests
  • Materials for high temperature applications
  • Determination of material strength
  • Fracture and damage mechanisms
  • Oxidation processes


  • Block

Information and documents

  • Registration required - from March 2024 via HIS!
    All information and documents will be published this semester via Moodle ( Students who have registered in HIS by April 7, 2024 will receive the registration key for this course by mail on April 8, 2024.

This course will be taught in German.