Course: Materials Analysis using X-Rays


  • Dr.-Ing. Alexander Liehr

Learning objetives

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals and application of X-rays in materials testing


  • Important material testing methods are addressed in which X-rays are used (e.g. radiographic testing, residual stress measurement, structure determination, phase analysis, texture determination).
  • The course consists of lecture and practical work in the X-ray laboratory.


  • The course takes place in the winter semester.
  • It can be recognized as a lecture or advanced practical course in mechanical engineering. The lecture cannot be taken at the same time as a credit for the practical course "Materials analysis with X-rays".
  • Acceptance as a lecture: Prerequisite is attendance of the lectures and the laboratory practical as well as a final presentation graded at least "sufficient". In this case, 3 credits will be recognized.
  • Acceptance as advanced practical course in mechanical engineering: Prerequisite is attendance of the lectures and the practical course in the laboratory as well as the submission of a practical course report graded at least with "sufficient". In this case, 3 experiments (4 credits) are recognized.


  • On Thursdays, 10 -12 am, room 2120, Mönchebergstr. 3


  • Lecture / presentation

Information and documents

  • Registration required - from September 2023 via HIS!
    All information and documents will be published this semester via Moodle ( Students who have registered in HIS by October 8, 2023 will receive the registration key for this course by mail on October 09, 2023.

This course will be taught in German.