Linear Vibrations

Peop­­le in char­­ge

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Hetzler (Lecture)          Mitja Rosenboom, M.Sc. (Exercise)


Many vibration problems in engineering can be described in a very good approximation by linear differential equations, so that the theory of linear differential equations, which is very well developed in terms of mathematics, can be applied.

The lecture shall give an introduction to common methods for the treatment of linear dynamical systems. First, general vibration systems with N degrees of freedom are treated. Then the dynamics of systems in state space will be discussed.

The lecture continues the En­gi­nee­ring Vi­bra­ti­ons and serves as preparation and basis for further courses, especially Nonlinear Vibrations.


  • Introduction
  • Time-invariant dynamical systems with N degrees of freedom (MDGKN systems): eigenvalue theory, Rayleigh quotient, specific behavior of MK, MDK, MDGK, MKN systems, methods for determination of particulate solutions
  • Representation in the state space: general properties, geometry of the state space near rest positions, solution by means of fundamental matrix, eigenvalue theory, Jordan transformation, methods for the determination of particulate solutions
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3 Lecture / 1 Exercise semester hours - 6 CP - Event number FB15-708

DayTime periodRhythmTime of dayRoom
Mon.20 Oct. 2022 - 9 Feb. 2023weekly16.00 - 18.00Kurt-Wolters 3 - Raum 1121
Thu.24 Oct. 2022 - 6 Feb. 2023weekly14.00 - 16.00Möncheberg 7 - Raum 0607

The Moodle course Linear Vibrations of winter 22/23 can be found in the offer of the department 15 at the Institute of Mechanics.