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In the course "Dynamics" the fundamentals of modeling and analysis of dynamical problems of rigid body mechanics are taught. For this purpose, first the kinematics of the material point and the rigid body are introduced. Based on this, the basic laws of non-relativistic dynamics of the material point and the rigid body are introduced. Based on the principle of Lagrange-d'Alembert the Lagrangian equations of 1st and 2nd kind are derived. With this, powerful methods for the description of dynamical mechanical systems are already available. In addition, the integration of electrical quantities into the system description is addressed.

Building on the aforementioned modeling methods, basic concepts of nonlinear system theory are introduced. For the investigation of small oscillations in the vicinity of rest positions, the fundamentals of linear oscillation theory are introduced.


  • Introduction and Motivation
  • Basics of the tensor calculation
  • Kinematics of the material point and the rigid body
  • Momentum and angular momentum theorem
  • Plane motion of the rigid body
  • Spatial motion of the rigid body
  • Fundamentals of electromechanics
  • Lagrange's equations of 2nd kind
  • Linearisation, linear oscillation systems


  • Mathematics 1+2
  • Linear Algebra
  • Engineering Mechanics 1+2

3 Lectures / 1 Excersice – 6 CP (PO 2016) / 9 CP (PO 2011) - FB15-021


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16 Apr. 2024 - 16 Jul. 2024


14:00 -16:00 

Kurt-Wolters-Straße 3 - Raum 1120A


18 Apr. 2024 - 18 Jul. 2024


16:00 -18:00 

Kurt-Wolters-Straße 3 - Raum 1120A

The moodle course "Technische Dynamik" can be found under FB15 Maschinenbau - Institut für Mechanik