Machine- and Rotordynamics

People in charge

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Hetzler (Lecture)          Alexander Seifert, M. Sc. (Exercise)


The subject of machinedynamics is the description and analysis of dynamic phenomena in technical systems. The goals pursued are manifold and range from the reduction of vibration load - and thus improvement of acoustics, comfort or fatigue strength - to the derivation of control models and the increase of efficiency by extending the operating range (e.g. increasing the limiting speed, etc.).


The course deals with typical phenomena, modeling and analysis approaches of machinedynamics. It builds on and continues the lecture "Engineering Vibrations". Due to its great importance in practice, the course focuses on rotordynamics.


  • Introduction & Motivation
  • Perception of vibrations
  • Installation and foundation
  • Piston machine
  • Torsional oscillations in the drive train
  • Balancing of rigid rotors
  • Rotordynamics
    • Jeffcott rotor / Laval rotor (critical bending speeds, running stability, elastic bearings)
    • Gyroscopic effects, continuous rotor
    • Rotor-fluid interaction: fluid bearings, gap seals
    • Rotordynamics of electrical machines


  • Mathematics 1-3
  • Engineering Mechanics 1-3
  • Engineering Vibrations
  • Lecture slides
  • H. Dresig, F. Holzweißig: Maschinendynamik, Springer-Verlag (11. Auflage 2012) - als E-Book verfügbar
  • C. Biezeno, R. Grammel: Technische Dynamik, Springer-Verlag (2. Auflage 1952)
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  • F. Ehrich: Handbook of Rotordynamics, Krieger Publishing (1. Auflage 2004)

3 Lecture / 1 Excercise semester hours - 6 CP - Event number FB15-8001 Machine Dynamics and Rotor Dynamics


DayTime periodRhythmTime of dayRoom
Thu.20 Oct. 2023 - 16 Feb. 2023weekly12.00 - 14.00Kurt-Wolters 3 - Raum 1120 A
Tue.25 Oct. 2023 - 7 Feb. 2023weekly10.00 - 12.00Kurt-Wolters 3 - Raum 1121

The Moodle course Machine- and Rotordynamics of winter 22/23 can be found in the offer of the department 15 at the Institute of Mechanics.