Frictional Damping in Mechanical Systems


Friction is ubiquitous in mechanical systems: often it is rather an undesired side effect, sometimes it is used on purpose (e.g. in friction brakes).

The term "friction" itself is usually used to describe resistance to tangential relative motion in contact points, with a distinction being made between static friction (sticking) and dynamic friction (sliding).

Just as diverse as the physical causes of friction are its concrete characteristics and behavior. Important limiting cases are, on the one hand, classical dry friction (Coulomb friction) and, on the other hand, viscous friction of lubricated contact points. In general, the magnitude and shape of friction depends on many factors such as surface properties, material pairing of the contact partners or their relative velocity.


The current activities of the department are primarily concerned with the dynamic behavior of mechanical systems that show friction-excited oscillations. Here, the influence of joint damping as well as the occurrence of stick-slip vibrations (caused by the velocity dependence of the friction characteristic) are investigated.

Of particular interest is, on the one hand, the modelling and phenomenology, and on the other hand, the development of efficient methods for the analysis of self-excited oscillations in systems with many degrees of freedom. In that context, a semi-analytical approximation method [1] was developed and implemented, consisting of a combination of two established approximation methods for nonlinear differential equations. This is available as computational code in MATLAB at the department and is subject to continuous further development.

Another focus is on the of multiphysical influences (e.g. influence of contact tribology on the squealing of disc brakes).

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