Special Collections

The Special Collections Department looks after the valuable historical holdings of the State Library and the Murhard Library of the City of Kassel. This includes more than 10,000 (mainly early modern) manuscripts, as well as the rich holdings of rare and old music prints of the landgravial court chapel and valuable bequests and autographs.

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Virtual exhibition

En détail - Treasures of the Special Collections
From more than ten thousand manuscripts and numerous historical prints, a small selection of particularly interesting, beautiful and rare pieces is presented.

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Image: ORKA

Historical Printed Books

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Historical libraries

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Reading Room

The Special Collections reading room is located in the building of the Murhard Library (1st floor). It also houses an extensive reference library with literature on book studies, codicology, book illustration, theology and liturgy of the Middle Ages, as well as alchemy and the history of medicine.