Range of services and costs

Status: 2023-07-26 | v.1.0

Preliminary note

As a university publisher, our primary task is to make the scientific output of the researchers at our institution available to the public. In order to cover costs and still be able to offer the authors cost-effective publications, kassel university press must concentrate on a few standards in the equipment of the books.

In particular, this includes those types of material that, firstly, can be supplied by both cooperating printing service providers (for the first edition and the reprint) in order to ensure uniform quality and condition, and secondly, for which it can be assumed that they can continue to be provided even if the partner printing company changes.

Paper and bindings

Our print service providers use FSC®-certified paper without exception.

The kup books are published exclusively as paperback (softcover). Possible thicknesses and paper types of the cover are

  • 250 g (white), 240 g (chamois), 275 g linen material (unlaminated)
  • Covers can be glossy or matt laminated. If you want a linen textured cover, the first print will be printed on linen material (unlaminated) and the reprint will be laminated with a textured embossing.

For the content you can choose between the following paper types:

First printReprint
80 g/m² (white uncoated)80 g/m² white
120 g/m² (white uncoated)120 g/m² photomatte
90 g/m² (white satin)90 g/m² white
Munken Premium Cream 90 g/m² (cream uncoated)90 g/m² chamois
Recycled paper (100 %, EU Ecolabel) 80 g/m²In reprint 80 g/m² chamois.


Printing method

In order to print according to demand and avoid overproduction, our books are produced using digital printing. Pure black and white books are produced on a black and white press. If the file contains color pages, it is printed on a color press with accompanying black unit and not in color splitting (B/W printing and color printing combined). This incurs slightly higher costs, but ensures a more consistent printed image between color and B&W pages. Printing on the color press is of higher quality. B/W printing on the color press is also available on request.

Book formats and font sizes

Our usual book formats are

  • DIN A5,
  • 17cm x 24cm
  • DIN A4

In principle, other formats can also be produced, priced at the next larger standard format.


The publication costs consist of a publication fee (currently 120 € plus VAT) and the printing costs. In addition to the requested copies for personal use, the printing costs always include 4 further copies for the publisher and the German National Library (obligatory copies) as well as, if applicable, copies for series editors.

The printing costs vary with the material, volume, color content and number of copies. You can find our cost calculator here: