Open Ac­cess Journal Art­icles

Many OA journals charge article fees (article processing charges) to publish an article. They can be paid from the OA Publication Fund, if the conditions mentioned here are met. We make available a copy of the funded articles in a collection on the KOBRA publication server. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

The following conditions must be met if the article fees are going to be paid from our fund:

  • The article must appear in a purely OA journal with a quality assurance procedure that is recognised in the relevant discipline (normally a peer review). We check this by ensuring that the journal is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Any articles in journals, which are not listed there, will only be supported from the fund in exceptional cases, provided that serious quality assurance has been clearly proven and any fraudulent background to the publishing house can be unequivocally ruled out.
  • The publication fee for an article may not exceed a net figure of EUR 2,000 (plus 19% VAT). Higher fees can be subsidized proportionately up to this amount from 2022. The costs exceeding this amount are to be paid by the authors. (The DEAL Agreements enable corresponding authors of the University of Kassel to publish articles free of charge in purely OA journals published by the Wiley and Springer Nature publishing houses). 
  • The submitting / corresponding author of the article must be a member of the University of Kassel.

We do not subsidise:

  • Fees for Open Access articles in hybrid journals where subscriptions must be paid. (The DEAL Agreements and other OA transformative agreements enable corresponding authors of the University of Kassel to publish articles free of charge in hybrid journals published by the Wiley and Springer Nature publishing houses and others).
  • Articles in so-called mirror journals (parallel open access editions of subscription journals), even if listed in DOAJ. This includes, but is not limited to, these journals.


Applications for the fund to pay article fees can be made as soon as the article has been accepted for publication in an Open Access journal. It is not possible to reserve funds at the time when the article is submitted. Before submitting your article, please feel free to find out about the prospects of funding from us.


Please send an informal e-mail to openaccess[at]bibliothek.uni-kassel[dot]de and provide the following details:

  • the title of the journal
  • the title of the article
  • the corresponding author
  • the amount of the article fees incurred

Applications received are reviewed for approval on the basis of whether they comply with the aforementioned conditions.  

Settling invoices

Please request invoices for your articles from the publishing houses, as far as possible, according to the instructions of the finance department always specifying your own cost centre (!), which must be mentioned on the first page of the invoice. PDF invoices must be sent to rechnung[at]uni-kassel[dot]de, while invoices in digital format must be sent to Xrechnung[at]uni-kassel[dot]de.

The article fees for applications, which have been approved, are paid directly from the fund. Please make sure you cover the following points:

  • The invoice must meet the instructions provided by the financial department for central incoming invoices (see above).
  • Invoices from publishing houses in EU countries must include the international VAT no. of the University of Kassel, so that no local value-added tax is calculated. The number is: DE 113057055. The university’s financial department adds the German value-added tax to all foreign invoices and pays it directly to the tax authorities.

If all the funding conditions have been met and payment from the fund can be approved, we will pay the invoice directly via our cost centre. You or your secretary can forward the invoice within the electronic invoice processing system. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We can also settle invoices that have been sent to you personally and not to the central invoice system for the time being. If this is the case, please forward the invoice together with your application.

The University of Kassel is a participating party in the “Institutional Open Access Program” (IOAP) at the MDPI publishing house. We receive a 10% discount. This cannot be combined with any other discounts (e.g. reviewer vouchers, discounts for editorial board members, invited publications). If you are offered other discount options during the submission process as an alternative to the IOAP discount, please select the IOAP discount if the other discounts are lower. We only pay for articles with a discount of at least 10% from the fund.

During the submission process, please indicate that you are a member of the University of Kassel. The University Library will then be informed about your submission and contact you to clarify whether you will pay the invoice yourself or you need support from the fund. If the latter is the case, the invoicing procedure will be handled centrally by the University Library. Please note, however, that for a few of the publisher's journals, the article fee including 10% discount exceeds EUR 2,000 net. If the discounted article fee is higher, you will have to pay the additional costs on your own.

An invoicing agreement exists with the Frontiers publishing house. Please specify the University of Kassel as your institution when submitting your application here too. Invoicing is then handled centrally too, following our checks. The price cap of EUR 2,000 that Frontiers has granted to the University of Kassel in the past does no longer apply since 2022. If you publish in Frontiers journals with article fees above EUR 2,000 net, you will have to pay the additional costs on your own.

The University of Kassel is a participant in the DEAL Agreements with the Wiley and Springer Nature publishing houses. Members of the University of Kassel have the opportunity of publishing articles in the publishing houses’ OA and hybrid journals at no personal costs. You can discover how to benefit from this agreement by consulting the section Wiley and Springer DEAL Agreements. There are additional OA transformative agreements with other publishers.