Kassel - Prague

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There is not much to report. Sunday at 8:30 we left. Freeway empty. Autopilot, uh cruise control on 120. 7 hours later Prague, hotel.

But we still did the first study paper: Can the middle of the rear benches be turned around so that up to five people can sit facing each other? No! The backs of the two rear 2-seater benches butt up against each other. Not enough space.

But then at least the front 2-seater seats from the back. There would be enough room, but there's a crossbar that's in the way. Crap!

Short breather in the hotel and then off into the tour turmoil, including eating pizza.

Charles Bridge must! Across the Vltava. Along the bank. Other bridge back. Closing time. Did I forget something?

Yes: The link to Ben's YT channel.