Varazdin day 3

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Day 3.

Run 4 and run 5.

It was announced that today was a "software day". Of course, we thought it would be a simple course. But it was a hardware day. You have seen it.

Yes, even Biobrause comes to its limits! But they still scored the highest number of points of all teams in both runs.

Interview: Two teams explain their hardware and software to each other and the jury sits there and asks supplementary questions. So far so purposeful. After 15 minutes this part was done. One team could leave. BioBrause was supposed to stay. They had to answer questions for half an hour. The two referees had almost every detail explained to them. Of course, this was no problem for Ludwig and Moritz, but a distinction. Their work is simply extraordinary.

But the most outstanding team came from Sweden. Two very young boys, team "Hubert 2.0", with their spike participated in Maze Entry. Expert:inside know how difficult it is. In the video 1:14 - 1:20, they skillfully used their robot, which had no chance at all, with great enthusiasm. I am very curious to see how they will perform in the competition.

However, the most important event was that a delegation from each country was invited to the mayor. Together with two German colleagues we went to Varazdin, short sightseeing, group photo in front of the castle. Greeting by the mayor in front of the city hall with a handshake. During the walk into the town hall, four men in uniforms were standing in front of us. During the mayor's lecture we learned a lot about Varazin and its surroundings. After two hours we were back in the "Arena".

Addendum to yesterday: Thursday was also a holiday in Croatia. We had not expected that. If we arrive at our regular supplier, it is closed. We then drove around a bit in the city and found a corner store. Very familiar, very small and yet well-stocked. Pay with card? No, the device does not work. Well, no matter. The main thing is that we got something to eat.