Prague - Vienna

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Gestarn was Sunday. So really. But in Prague the clocks go differently! There is not only a garbage truck drives up and empties the garbage cans. Nope, that whole thing also takes place at half past eleven. In other notation 23:30 clock. Hammer.

After that we slept very well. At 9:00 breakfast. At 10:30 departure. Once again across Wenceslas Square past the National Museum and house number 56.

Monday. It was much busier on the highway. The autopilot was not really used and Matthias had to concentrate much more on the traffic. Shortly after Mikulov, border to Austria. Again a vignette more on the windshield.

In Vienna we parted ways. Charlotte and Andreas met up with their brother and son, who is studying TFM in the capital. What the others did we will see in the video Ben is making, right? Well, let's see. (see below)

Anyway, C&A while waiting for the third, ate an ice cream at the Prater. Before that, they crossed a rainbow crosswalk. We should introduce this in Kassel, too! Looks chic, doesn't it?

So really what to do outside was then also not announced. It was a rainstorm, but really.

And, what is a Greißlerei? Well, you'll find out!

Tomorrow Varaždin. Slowly the tension is rising. BioBrause programs itself while driving: "Should the robot stop directly or can I still make a few queries?" Answer from Andreas: "Well, it won't take more than a millisecond. I wouldn't worry about up to 10 ms (milliseconds)." [Editor's note: Well, they have problems!]

Ben's contribution.