Varazdin day 1

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What time were we supposed to leave again? - Half past eight! Hamwa of course not made it! 20 before was it. And, of course, we didn't just need 20 minutes, but half an hour. And that, although the volunteers Charlotte and Ben should be on site at 9:00. Of course it was no problem at all, but still!

First and only run today at 13:15. Time enough to have a look at the competition. And, they do not sleep. There were quite serious "opponents". If I recorded it correctly, there were at least two robots, which also found their way home.

Five minutes before 12 (so 13:10) Moritz comes excitedly: "The robot recognizes a wall on the training track at the checkpoint." Can't change anything now anyway, but the tension was then still a few revolutions greater.

The run was then... Well, see for yourself.

After the run, BioBrause showed me the track recorded by the robot on her laptop. Of course I wanted to show it to you and took a picture with my handie. Ouch, stress: A referee has seen that on the screen and has asked me immediately whether he can see that. I gave him my handie. He went to the track and saw (which is not true, but more about that later) that the picture reflects the course. Holland in distress! He runs to the referee. Gesticulate, gesticulate. Both come back. Of course, they thought that BioBrause had premapped. Suggestion from BioBrause: Right now and here very quickly "randomly" rebuild the course and repeat the run and then spit out the map. Ok, tomorrow at the interview we will see.

I thanked the referee for not simply dismissing the problem, but for immediately investigating the possibly irregular behavior. Biobrause doesn't need to be afraid of the interview! They know each other in their Program most exactly from.

So (short o): Four 4x4 panels lined up together make how many panels on the long side? Exactly! So no premapping!

Ben's contribution.