Vienna - Varazdin

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Yes, there is wifi in the accommodation, but it doesn't work all the way to my bed! So I did not get an article yesterday. But the WIFI in the competition "arena" is first class. I just got 100MB in less than..., well, anyway, it didn't take long.

So yesterday: Punctually 10:30 departure. Shortly still in the Penny, travel provisions bunker. Navi set to Varazdin (you have to think of the inverted accent circonflexe above the z). Not so easy, the route in Vienna. But the best was the red traffic light. You know it. Red forever. But the traffic light didn't want to change to green. After the first vehicles then have groped with red over the crossing, we are then also. Schööön carefully.

Well, and then the borders came so much blow on blow that I have this time no proper border sign for you. Well, see for yourself.

Of course we went first to the "Arena" in Varzdin (Accent...). BioBrause of course wanted to try out the robot already. And, oh shock, four quarter turns resulted in 370°. At "home" (i.e. in the vacation apartment) again on the track we brought along: 360°. (Yes, of course we have a test track with us ;-) ) Well, is that still possible? We will report further.

At 13:15 o'clock today the first run...

Ben's Video.