Varazdin day 4

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There is not much more to tell.

Run 6 was really a crowning finale. Yes, the obstacle, ok. But the rest was first class. The result table (page 9) speaks for itself. (Below as pdf)

Then came, for my ears, much too loud music until the award ceremony. And then came the award ceremony. And there the team, you remember, Hubert 2.0 got the special award "Best Hardware Solution". One of the team members couldn't get to the stage fast enough and climbed up a bar stool in front of the stage. Of course he got a special applause for that. And, 11th of 15 teams, who would have thought that. Next year they will hopefully be at the start with a more professional building block. Who knows where they will end up in the table.

Yes, we really wanted to stay until the end, honestly! But it dragged and dragged. We sneaked out, took some pictures, did some shopping and then went to Graz, our last stop. There we arrived so late that we could not see the possibly most beautiful city. Another pizza and couscous, non-alcoholic beer and off to the beautiful accommodation. (backyard room, last picture)

Ben shows you some more impressions. He will probably have to catch up on sleep in the coming week. Always spent until deep into the night at the editing table. Thanks a lot.

(Click on the picture of the table to download it).