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The basis for the tutorial is a circuit board, which also serves as a chassis on which all electronic components are soldered and the motors are mounted. The heart is the "Nano" component from "Arduino". But you can just as well design your own SolaRobot and still use suggestions from this tutorial. Because apart from making the hardware, there are many explanatory videos on how to use the microcontroller efficiently.

We have provided a list of the parts used, with links to stores where you can get them. There are of course many other ways to get the necessary materials. We also provide you with the "EAGLE" files, so you have the possibility to customize the board to your needs.

(The EAGLE file [see below] is now the corrected version. The connection between the "nano" and the motor driver was mixed up in the first version. You can see it in the video. With the new version it's much easier: You can simply solder two seven-socket connectors on the board! The cable mess is then superfluous! Furthermore the PCB layout is adapted to the new rules :-).

If you still have questions, write us an email, we will help you to solve your problems: