Functional model

The long summer holidays finally came to an end. All of the team members returned home.

The plan in mind, after hours of brainstorming, we
are going to build a functional model. Our nerd, Charlotte, went off after the business breakfast to generate the software for BB-8. Are very funny signals that come from such a 4-channel remote control. Servo signals, of course, but how they are decorated is peculiar.

Our DIYs grabbed the ruler and the saw and started. Construction plans are for beginners.
A piece of wood, engine brackets, screws, let's see how that fits together. Here a little bit more sawing, there some pieces complementing, finished. The leader of thegang had already made the clutch for the motors on the manual-CNC-milling-machine.

 We once put together a few impressions from our very well-equipped "
Hauswerkstatt” (house workshop). In addition, the half-finished and the finished prototypes as video, one here and the other there.

Related to the bearing retainer, we will still have to work. There is a little bit to much of radial load on the bearings of the geared motors.

Next time, turn it on again when it says, "Where is THE screwdriver?"

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