Special guest

For fabricating very accuratly, we think, we need a CNC-milling-machine. And, of course, we don´t have one. But, of course, we know someone who has one. So we asked him to borrow us the machine. But not only loaning it, Koen (our guest star) comes to our very nice, well equipped Hauswerkstatt and tells us how to work it out.

Our chief-designer on "Autodesk Fusion 360", Lyn, became the sorcerer´s apprentice. A little, tiny, beautiful test programm built on the CAD panel shows that it works.

We had printed the inner and the outer sphere live-sized. But the 3d-printer we used does not have the accuracy we need. So we think, we have to cut the pieces and fuse them. Anyway the most printers all over the world aren´t able to print the great things.

The first tests didn't work. Welding test one shows it.

So we have to build a tool to do like the professionals do. Just a copper tube with a copper tube. The thinner into the bigger. And a tongue.

The photos I have made from the welded parts, were not good enough to show our efforts. I will post them later.

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