For International Students

List of courses for international students

The University of Kassel offers three different categories of courses for exchange students.


  • English courses, these are courses which are held only in the English Language
  • Mixed German courses, these are courses which are held in German but they provide learning material in English as well
  • German courses, these courses are only held in German language


While planning your learning agreement and choosing courses for your learning agreement, please choose courses which are appropriable with your previous knowledge, specifically with your language skills.

If you are not proficient in German language it is preferable for you to choose the first option, the English courses which are only held in English.

If you have a little bit of German language knowledge and you are good at learning from written material, you can choose the second option: Courses which are held in German but  have English learning material, such as scripts or a book.

If you have sufficient German skills and you are able to understand spoken German language, you may choose any course at the faculty.

At the bottom of this page you will find a list of all the above mentioned options. Hence, you will find a detailed list of all courses which are held only in English, likewise, courses which are held only in German as well as courses which are held in German but provide English learning material, such as a textbook or scripts.  A very important fact is that it is possible to take the final exam in almost all courses in the English language, disregarding the language which it is held in.

Another essential point is that, although the courses are not offered each semester, the exams take place each semester.

If you are uncertain about your choice or you have any questions or queries regarding your foreign semester courses please do not hesitate to contact us.

List of courses which are held in English language only

Lecture numberLecture titleExamination typeEnglisch TextbookBAMASummer SemesterWinter Semester
FB16-4933Introduction to Digital Communicationoral x xx
FB16-4928Introduction to Information Theory & Codingoral  x x
FB16-5156Digital Communication Over Fading Channelsoral  x x
FB16-5181Mobile Radiooral  x x
FB16-5003Signal Processing in Wireless communicationspresentation  x x
FB16-5005Introduction to Signal Detection and Estimationoral  xx 
FB16-4929Digital Communication Through Band-Limited Channelsoral  xx 
FB16-5162Simulation of Digital Communication Systems using MATLABoral  xxx
FB16-5602Routing Protocols in Wireless Communications   xx 
FB16-5163Medium Access Control Protocols in Wireless Communicationspresentation and oral  xx 
FB16-4204Principles of Optical Metrology presentation  x x
FB16-2211Semiconductor memoriesoralyes xx 
FB16-2285Nanosensoricsoral  x x
FB16-8500Technology of electronic and optoelectronic devicesoral  xx 
FB16-5267Microsystem technologyoralyes xx 
FB16-5266Semiconductor Lasersoralyes x x
FB16-3180Seminar in Optoelectronics I+IIpresentation  xxx
FB16-5265Optoelectronic devicesoral xx x
FB16-5273Studentenseminar Elektronik und Photonikpresentation  xxx
FB16-3178Optoelectronics Project Workpresentation  xxx
FB16-2212Exercices Semiconductor memories: technology, design, structures, modeling and simulationoralyes x x
FB16-2217Microsystem technology labpresentation  xx 
FB16-5414Concepts and Structures for Dynamic Runtime Reconfigurationpresentation  xxx
FB16-2524Electromagnetic Theory for Microwaves and Antennasoralyes xxx
FB16-5625Introduction to Information Security  x x 
FB16-5630Foundations of Modern Cryptography   x x

List of courses which are held in German but are covered by English material

Please notice that there is no english exam option for some of the following courses!


Lecture numberLecture nameExamination typeEnglish examinationEnglish ScriptEnglish TextbookBAMASummer SemesterWinter Semestre
FB16-7987Komplexitätstheorieoral   xx  
FB16-6416Reduktionssysteme Ioral   xx  
FB16-7111Entwurf und Analyse von Algorithmenoral   xx  
FB16-6413Formale Sprachen und Automaten Ioral   xx  
FB16-Formale Sprachen und Automaten IIoral       
FB16-6018Autonome Mobile Roboterproject or oral or written   x x 
FB16-6019Techniken und Dienste des Internetswritten   x x 
FB16-6017Verteilte Systeme – Architekturen und Dienstewritten and exercises   xxx 
FB16-6012Verteilte Systeme – Basisalgorithmenwritten   xxx 
FB16-2300Grundlagen der Regelungstechnikwritten or oralno  xxx 
FB16-4001Ereignisdiskrete Systeme und Steuerungstheoriewritten or oralno  x x 
FB16-4005Automatisierung und Systemewritten or oralno   xx 
FB16-4002Optimierungsverfahrenwritten or oralno   x x
FB16-4003Seminar Regelungs- und Systemtheoriepresentation and report    xxx
FB16-4006Projektarbeitpresentation and report   x xx
FB16-4013Fortgeschrittene Nichtlineare Regelung und Stuerungwritten or oralno   x  
FB16-4022Praktikum Regelungs- und Steuerungstheorieoralno  x xx
FB16-4026Projekt im FG Regelungs- und Systemtheoriepresentation and report   x xx
FB16-4054Hybride Regelungssystemewritten or oralno   x  
FB16-4056Adaptive und Prädiktive Regelungwritten or oralno   x x
FB16-8528Praktikum Regelungstechnikoralno  x xx
FB16-5614Grundlagen der angewandten Kryptologieoral  noxx x
FB16-5615Sicherheit in Kommunikationsnetzenoral  noxxx 
FB16-5601Network Securityoral  no x  
FB16-2211Semiconductor memoriesoral    xx 
FB16-2285Nanosensoricsoral  no x x
FB16-8500Technology of electronic and optoelectronic devicesoral  no xx 
FB16-5267Microsystem technologyoral    xx 
FB16-5266Semiconductor Lasersoral    x x
FB16-3180Seminar in Optoelectronics I+IIpresentation  no xxx
FB16-5265Optoelectronic devicesoral  noxx x
FB16-5269Studentenseminar Elektronik und Optoelektronikpresentation  nox xx
FB16-2218Studentenseminar Mikrosystemtechnik und Nanotechnologiepresentation  nox xx
FB16-5273Studentenseminar Elektronik und Photonikpresentation  no xxx
FB16-2212Exercices Semiconductor memories: technology, design, structures, modeling and sinulationoral    xx 
FB16-2213Photonische Komponenten und Systemeoral  no xx 
FB16-5256Hochfrequenz-Schaltungstechnikwritten or oral and project presentation  nox  x
FB16-5230Microwave Integrated Circuits Iwritten or oral   xx x
FB16-5201Microwaves and Millimeter Waves Iwritten, practicum report  no xx 
FB16-5192Optical Communication Systemswritten or oral  no xx 
FB16-5263Microwave Integrated Circuits IIwritten or oral  no xx 
FB16-5210Microwaves and Millimeter Waves IIWritten or oral and practicum exam  no x x
FB16-5246RF Sensor SystemsWritten or oral and practicum exam  no xxx
FB16-2213Photonische Komponenten und Systemeoral  no xx 
FB16-3160Neuronale Methoden für technische Systemewritten  noxxx 
FB16-3513Grundlagen der Programmsicherheitoral no x xx
FB16-7560Einführung in UNIXwritten no x   
FB16-7970Einführung in XMLwritten no x   
FB16-7971Programmierung graphischer Benutzerschnittstellen mit Tcl/Tklab examination no  x  
FB16-5404Digitale Logikwritten no x  x
FB16-5409Digitale Systemewritten or oral  noxxxx
FB16-5401VHDL-Kurswritten or oral no x x 
FB16-5405Schaltungsentwurf mit HDLswritten or oral no  xx 
FB16-5394Synthese und Optimierung mikroelektronischer Systemeoral or assignment with presentation  no x x

E-Learning Courses

The following bilingual E-Learning courses are also obtainable by our international students.

  • Sustainability Marketing
  • World in Transition
  • Civic Ecology
  • A Pathway to Sustainability
  • Transition Management
  • Energiewende