For foreign Students

Computer Science (M.Sc.)

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) program builds upon the Bachelor of Science program of Kassel University. It comprises two semesters of courses as a rule, plus six months for the preparation of a master thesis. There are no compulsory courses. Students may choose courses from the following subject areas:

  • Theoretical computer science (6 CP)
  • Practical computer science (6 CP)
  • Technical computer science (6 CP)
  • Theoretical, practical or technical computer science (18 CP)
  • Mathematics or electrical engineering (6 CP)
  • Project work (8 CP)
  • Seminar (4 CP)
  • Core competencies (6 CP)

CP stands for 'Credit Point', which is a European unit for the amount of work performed in a course. A course of 6 CP typically requires 4 hours per week attendance at university, and a total of 180 hours including homework. Course offerings vary from year to year, a snapshot can be found in the current "Lehrveranstaltungshandbuch". For the master thesis, the twelve research groups in the computer science department offer a broad range of topics. Subjects from other areas such as electrical engineering may be selected for the M.Sc. thesis in Computer Science after approval by the department.

Note that almost all courses are in German. Before sending an application, foreign applicants must have passed Goethe-Zertifikat C1 to prove knowledge of German. Admission rules require a bachelor degree in computer science or a closely related field, with grade good or above, from an institution whose teaching standards are officially accepted as about equivalent to German university teaching standards. Moreover, since the master program is consecutive to the Kassel bachelor, applicants must prove that they have completed course work that is equivalent to the computer science B.Sc. program at Kassel University, with respect to contents and number of CP. Therefore, applicants are required to fill in the "Formblatt Zuordnung von Studienleistungen aus einem Studium vor Aufnahme des Studiengangs Master - Informatik (M.Sc.)" and submit it with their application. Note that the form must be accompanied by a detailed description of all computer science courses attended (titles are not sufficient), and be filled out in German. If an applicant lacks a certain required course, he or she may take the course at Kassel University before admittance to the M.Sc. program. For details on the application process see the university's information pages for foreign applicants. Please study these pages carefully before sending an application.