Why vo­lun­teer?

Through volunteering, you can do your part for a better world! At the same time, volunteering can give you new insights into your academic subject and help you develop skills that you can use within your course and in your professional life after university.

By supporting charitable and community causes, you’ll show your ability to work as part of a team, solve problems, show initiative and take on responsibility. And that’s hugely important to future employers.

In many volunteering opportunities, you also create connections with people outside of campus and the university bubble, giving you new local contacts and also a more grounded perspective on life in Germany

Sem­inars with Ser­vice Learn­ing

Service learning seminars combine theory and practice. Students deepen their subject-specific learning by working on projects for the common good - and receive credits for doing so.

Sub­ject-Spe­cific Ser­vice Learn­ing

The approximately 30 subject-oriented service learning seminars at the University of Kassel are conducted by and under the responsibility of the university departments. The focus is on deepening subject-specific learning in the individual study subjects through specific engagement projects.

Key Com­pet­en­cies-Ori­ented Ser­vice Learn­ing

The so-called "SchüsSL" seminars are open to all students and are the responsibility of UniKasselTransfer. Here, students can develop their communication, organizational and methodological skills through engagement projects and earn key competence credits in the process.

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In­di­vidual Vo­lun­teer­ing Op­por­tun­it­ies

If you are looking for an individual volunteering opportunity, there are many student initiatives as well as non-profit community organisations in Kassel welcoming people who would like to get involved. Additionally, we provide advice and support to new student initiatives.

A-to-Z-List of Stu­dent Ini­ti­at­ives

For individual volunteering opportunities, get in touch with one of the 40 student initiatives and non-profit student groups at the Universität Kassel!

A-to-Z-List of Student Initiatives: Read More

Vo­lun­teer­ing in Kas­sel

For opportunities outside the University, contact the Freiwilligenzentrum Kassel.

On their website, they offer a digital tool for researching volunteering opportunities: Engagement-Finder.

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Net­work­ing for Stu­dent Ini­ti­at­ives

Achieving more together? - The student initiatives at the Universität Kassel meet regularly to exchange ideas and plan joint actions, such as the "Engagement Woche" at the beginning of each summer term.

In­form­a­tion Re­gard­ing Cred­its for Vo­lun­teer­ing

At the University of Kassel, with few exceptions, credit for engagement is only possible in the context of service learning seminars.

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