Overview of Events




6 Dec

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Agricultural workers and smallholders in global value chains: No social upgrading without collective action,

Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer, Dr. Ismail D. Karatepe (University of Kassel, ICDD)

Kassel, ICDD

22 Nov

ICDD Breakfast Talk: The invisibility of the black population in modern slavery: evidence based on conditions of social vulnerability,

Dr. Rodrigo Baptista (University of Kassel, ICDD)

Kassel, ICDD

8 Nov

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Decent Work in the port industry: resilience of social dialogue,

Dr. Oluesegun Oladeinde (Bells University of Technology, Nigeria)

Kassel, ICDD

25 Oct

ICDD Breakfast Talk: The Macron fallacy – neoliberalism and authoritarianism in an advanced capitalist country,

Dr. Nicolas Pons-Vignon (University of the Witwatersrand)

Kassel, ICDD

23 Oct

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Land quality variation across agropastoral landscapes in West Africa: both cause and symptom of inter-household inequities,

Prof. Dr. Matt Turner (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Witzenhausen: Steinstr. 19, H12

18-19 SEP

Ex/ceed / DIE Conference "Rethinking Development Cooperation"


7-9 AUG

XIII GLU Conference on The Future of Work: Democracy, Development and the Role of Labour

Campinas, Brazil

12 JULY 2018

CANCELLED! ICDD Breakfast Talk: Decent Work in the port industry: Resilience of social dialogue, Dr. Oluesegun Oladeinde (Bells University of Technology, Nigeria)

Kassel, ICDD



ICDD Breakfast Talk: Providing rural areas with decentralized solar and bio-energy solutions for value addition and income generation, Prof. Dr. Anjum Munir (ICDD, University of Agriculture Faisalabad)

Witzenhausen, Steinstr. 19, H13

5 JULY 2018

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Is China better than the ‘West’ for Africa’s development?, Dr. Miguel A. Rivera-Quiñones (University of Puerto Rico)

Kassel, ICDD

21 JUNE 2018

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Mapping body-territory: A feminist perspective on the link between extractivism and violence / Mapeando el cuerpo-territorio: La relación entre extractivismo y violencia desde una perspectiva feminist [in Spanish, with English translation], Delmy Tania Cruz Hernández, Mar Daza, Eva Vázquez (Collective ‘Miradas críticas del Territorio desde el Feminismo’)

Kassel, ICDD

13 June 2018

Web Talk: Innovative Enterprise and Sustainable Prosperity, William Lazonick (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Kassel, ICDD

7 JUNE 2018

ICDD Breakfast Talk: The long march: Mapping agrarian struggles in neo-liberal India, Prof. Dr. Archana Prasad (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)

Kassel, ICDD

6 JUNE 2018

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Understanding the mechanism of water use by trees in the tropics - and ecophysiological approach, Dr. Jose Kallarackal (India)

Witzenhausen, Steinstr. 19, H23

24 MAY 2018

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Green is a Pan-African Color: Renewable Energy Transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa, Dr. Franziska Müller, Dr. Simone Claar, Carsten Elsner, Manuel Neumann (ICDD, University of Kassel)

Kassel, ICDD

17 MAY 2018

ICDD Breakfast Talk: A widening gap: Gender, social inequalities and carework in Argentina, Prof. Dr. Eleonor Faur (National University of San Martín, Argentina)

Kassel, ICDD

12-13 MAY 2018

Workshop: Authoritarianism and Resistance in Turkey

Kassel, ICDD

26 APR

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Inequalities and social policies in Cuba: Old Havana as a scenario for intervention, Prof. Dr. Rebeca Ramos Padrón (University of Havana)

Kassel, ICDD

Summer Semester 2018

Breakfast Talk Series

Kassel and Witzenhausen

2-14 APR

ICDD Summer School 'Constructing Research Frameworks on the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa's Policy Environment'

Ghana, University of Cape Coast

25 JAN

ICDD Breakfast Talk: Polycentricity and agri-environmental governance, Andreas Thiel (University of Kassel)

Kassel, ICDD

11-12 JAN

PhD Workshop: Finance and Macro-Economic Issues in International Political Economy

Kassel, Gottschalkstraße 12, second floor, room 2205

11 JAN

ICDD Breakfast Talk: [Book Launch] Migration and domestic work: The collective organisation of women and their voices from the city, Gaye Yılmaz (Bosporus University), Sue Ledwith (Oxford Brookes University)

Kassel, ICDD