Student research projects within the framework of the “Master Empirische Bildungsforschung (MAEB)” - Master program for Educational Research

TitleSUPER through the school day - A VISION? Kassel Study on the Reduction of Stress Experiences in the Teaching Profession
ManagementHans Peter Kuhn
StudentsNadine Scheid, Julia Rudolph, Daniela Rzejak
FundingQSL; own funds
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TitleEvaluation of the standards for free learning at the Open School Waldau (OSW)
Duration2012 - 2014
ManagementHans Peter Kuhn
StudentsAngela Laging, Amina Fraij, Sebastian Vogel, Tessa Denk
FundingQSL; own funds
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TitleImplementation of phonetic reading tandems to promote reading fluency in the context of a teacher training course (TAFF)
ManagementFrank Lipowsky, Hans Peter Kuhn
StudentsMarina Stuckert, Anja Deistler, Sarah Romba
FundingQSL; LSA; own funds
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TitleAttitudes of Student Teachers (ELSE). A factorial survey of the importance of attitudes in reproducing social inequality at the transition from elementary to secondary school through teachers' transition recommendations.
Duration2013 - 2015
Directed byHans Peter Kuhn
StudentsAnne Böhnert, Lisa Hornung, Andrea Kramer, Lara Charlet, Stephanie Simon, Sebastian Thiede, Björn Schneider
Funding     QSL; own funds
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TitleM(ädchen) IN T(echnik). Determinants of the career choice decision of girls
DirectorHans Peter Kuhn
StudentsMarius Mähler, Johannes Osterberg, Natia Lomtatisde, Rina Schwarzwälder, Michelle Moyer
Funding      QSL; own funds
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